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About Me

Welcome!  I’m glad you could stop by.  I’m Jessica Adriance Cowan–a wife, mother of one sweet girl and boy, a lover of writing, and now a budding herbalist.  Join me as I discover life on a start-up ranch as my husband and I get a house built, figure out how to plant a garden, raise animals, and face nature in her splendor and wildness.

A Word or Two about the Blog

You may be wondering what the word Mayacama means or perhaps you already googled it.  Mayacamas Vineyards shares this explanation:

It is from the Wappo language that the name “Mayacamas” derives. Mayacamas is believed to have meant “the howl of the mountain lion” in the Wappo tongue. But other possible meanings of the word exist: alternatively, Mayacamas may have meant “the source of the water”, referring to the springs and headwaters of creeks that feed the Napa and Sonoma Rivers. A third possible meaning of Mayacamas is “standing place” referring to a trail marker, or perhaps sometimes a human scout who stood at a position on the trail in the area, and indicated the direction in which the rest of the traveling party should go. Perhaps, in some way lost to present understanding, “Mayacamas” meant a combination of all of these ideas to the Wappo.

Although the meaning of the word Mayacamas may be lost, I am moved by all three possible meanings.  When one goes out to live in nature, away from the comforts of an urban environment, one must cloak oneself in fierceness and courage, or so I imagine as I embark on this journey.  I want to be that Mayacama Mama–the one who is strong,  fierce, and grounded, knowing my place in this world.  I want to be that source of the water–that life-giving presence that helps things flow.  For myself–to feel as though my days are in rhythm with the seasons.  For my children–that I aid and not hinder their growing little bodies and minds–knowing when to get involved and when to get out of the way.  For my husband–that I nurture and continually feed our marriage, yet honor space to be ourselves.   I want to be that standing place, trail marker that directs me on the path I am to follow.  And so here I stand at the beginning of this writing adventure.

As we grow our ranch and I grow this blog, I plan to write and share about our house building, ranch life (which Stephen has agreed to write some posts about!), gardening, my mama moments (all things children related), and of course my personal musings.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. And we look forward to reading each entry

  2. Hi Jessica,
    What an awesome journey you are embarking on. I’m excited to follow you!

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