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New Growth

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It’s amazing to me to see how plants that might not have done well last year suddenly come back with such beauty and grace. Some little bug was eating comfrey’s leaves last year that I didn’t harvest any. About two months ago (or perhaps more because I can’t really recall) little comfrey sprouts came up and I was overjoyed to see it growing again. Now look at her in the photo above. What a beauty she is. She is just starting to flower. I have a special love for comfrey. She healed my mastitis two years ago and helped get a splinter out of Zoey’s foot awhile back. She is a great healer. Underneath her Sweet Annie is growing back.

Two nights ago I was getting ready to leave the office when I started talking to a co-worker in the kitchen. She asked me if I liked plants. I said yes–that I was planning on getting a plant to bring to my office desk. She asked me because she is leaving our agency in two months time and she is the only one who remembers to water the plants around the office. She didn’t want the plants to die, and she seemed really happy to know I would water the plants after she is gone. We got into a conversation about plants and energy. I immediately recognized a kindred spirit, and I felt she thought the same of me.

I haven’t always treated plants well. There is a spider plant in our bedroom that I forget to water. I just went to water it now. But since taking Donna de Terra’s herbal class last year, I’m trying to be more aware of the living being-ness of plants. So don’t forget to water your plants today and say hello to them. Put your hands around them and see if you can feel their energy.




Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

One thought on “New Growth

  1. I love my house plants especially my mother in law ones. I have 3 in my living room. That picture of Zoey in the garden looks like she is a miniature person and the plant boxes are Giants. How is your work going? I assume you went to work for financial reasons especially for medical insurance. Any way it is. Good to get away from the little creatures. Love you auntie Flea.

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