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A Walk Through the House

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Construction on our main house continues even with the abundance of rain we’ve been getting. I took these photos of the house last week. Our contractors have begun framing the fourth floor loft space above our bedroom and bathroom, but I don’t have any photos of that yet. So let’s take a walk through the house. We enter now through Zane’s bedroom. The plastic tarp covering the opening will be a sliding glass door.


Next to Zane’s bedroom is Zoey’s bedroom, also with a sliding glass door.


Walking out of the bedrooms, to the right is their bathroom with an attached laundry room. There will be a door off the laundry room which will also serve as our mudroom. Currently the roof slants down, but the lower part of the roof will be cut to extend out to give more headspace in the laundry room. Stephen would be able to explain that much better than I can, but just imagine there being a wing off the laundry room.


Past the bathroom is the kitchen. It opens up to the living room.


The living room will have sliding glass doors that open up to the patio below (which is above the concrete bunker) and looks out to the valley. Apparently I forgot to take a photo of that view of the living room. Below is a view from the living room looking towards the kitchen and upstairs.


Across from the kitchen next to the stairs is our dining area. There will be a sliding glass door where the plastic tarp is currently. It was nice having that wing of the roof cut out because it brought in so much light to the house.


Up the stairs we go to the master bedroom. At the time I took this photo last week, the loft above our bedroom wasn’t framed yet.


And lastly, a view of the loft looking out down to the living room below. The space directly across from the stairs, which will be our bathroom, is now framed as well as our two closets and office space loft above the bathroom and bedroom.


And that’s our house so far. I’m eager to share with you more updates about what books I’m currently reading, a funny Zoey story, and more but it will have to wait for the next blog post. So until then–winter blessings to you and a rainbow.




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I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

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