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My Favorite Things in October

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We went to the park today after Zoey’s dentist appointment. It was a day of “firsts” for the kids. Zane walked across the rope bridge (not the one pictured above) by himself and Zoey swung across two monkey bars all by herself. I feel very proud when my kids are brave enough to try new things. I don’t remember being a brave child, so I’m glad that I’m not passing on my fears to them.


I meant to take photos of the trees Stephen planted today. We bought two Cedar of Lebanon trees and two Silver Linden trees from Horizon Herbs. I made some willow tea to pour over the soil where the trees are planted. Willow has natural rooting hormone chemicals.  Hopefully that will help get them established. Sometime soon I’ll take a photograph of the trees.


And lastly, seeing my little guy wear these button down shirts is one of my favorite things this month. I told him he’s wearing a shirt like daddy so of course he likes wearing them now. It’s funny how no matter where we are, my children can somehow identify the sound of a backhoe. We were stopped on the road this morning (there is a lot of roadwork being done), and Zane started making a grunting noise then said a word that sounded vaguely like “backhoe.” Sure enough, there was a backhoe just down the road. I guess it makes sense considering that they hear the backhoe on our ranch almost everyday. There’s a good chance Zane will learn how to use the backhoe before his father does. That could be a good thing. Put the kid to work, right?

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I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

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