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Meet Our Barn Cats


Let me just start by saying that I didn’t grow up as a cat person. Our family was a dog family. My parents and brother are allergic to cats so it makes sense why we never had a cat. I’ve been around friends and extended family who have had cats, and I never disliked them. They just were different than dogs. Some friendlier than others.


For the past two mornings, Zoey, Zane, and I have gone outside for a walk but have ended up just hanging out with Lester and Solo. Lester is the one in the above photograph with Zoey. He’s the leaner of the two cats and always comes out now when we’re outside. He followed us up to the  main house pad yesterday.



Solo is the slightly meatier one who lags behind. He is still a bit afraid of us and will start meowing if his brother Lester wanders off too far away with us. Lester is a good brother though and will at some point turn around to go get Solo and give him a kiss.


We’re hoping Lester and Solo turn out to be good mousers. Now that it is warmer the mice will probably be making an appearance again. Stephen found a dead mouse in his workshop today. The cats wanted nothing to do with the dead mouse. Apparently the fun is in killing them, but once they are dead, that’s it.

Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Barn Cats

  1. Tell your Dad to trying being around cats. I used to be allergic but found that I no longer am. A question does Zoey live in her pink clothes 24 7?

  2. Hmm, interesting about your cat allergy. I will tell my folks. Yes, Zoey loves pink and purple and you can usually find her wearing some combination of those colors. she also dresses herself so sometimes she has some unusual outfits on but she likes what she wears.

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