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Mornings on the Ranch



Yesterday morning after breakfast Zane, Zoey, and I took a walk down Whoop-dee-doo trail. I was hoping to show her the glistening spider webs fresh with the morning dew. I discovered them the day before while out for a walk with Zane trying to get him to sleep. I was listening to Krista Tippett’s On Being podcast with Mary Oliver. I learned that Mary Oliver does her writing while walking in nature. I was trying to imagine doing that while Zane was asleep in the Ergo carrier.


This morning we spent an hour and a half in the car driving to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. While we were leaving the cement truck had just arrived to pour the concrete for the retaining wall behind the Buckeye Bunkhouse (no bunks just yet, but we do have some more cabinets made along our hallway, a bench seat in our living room, another redwood bench out on our back patio, and a wall desk in our hallway–Stephen has been busy.) The retaining wall for the main house is finished and now dirt is being hauled in from along Whoop-dee-doo trail to fill in along the wall. I’ll take some photos in the next few days of the main house site and views.


I am grateful for mornings like yesterday when we are outdoors and I feel a sense of calm. Today was not one of those days. Too many hours in carseats, or store carts, or being held in Mama’s arms does not make for happy children. Poor Zane just wanted to crawl everywhere today. Please tell me how a mother manages to hold a squirming baby in her arms while trying to pull her wallet out of her diaper bag to pay for the phone that needed fixing or the groceries that needed buying without dropping baby? Well, she does indeed drop baby on the floor in order to pay for said items and then quickly runs after baby crawling on the dirty floor, yes, under the Apple genius bar table before baby starts sucking the computer cords. That was my day, all day, in Trader Joes, in the mall to pay for my parking ticket. You see, I forgot my Ergo carrier at home and the stroller at home which was why I had to carry Zane all day. But grandmothers, be relieved that at least I’ve mastered holding baby in my arms while using the toilet for potty breaks. Yep, this mama is one hell of a mama.


In other news, we had a breakthrough with our barn cats yesterday. I missed the action because as kitchen manager, I was in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast, lunch, and snack dishes before starting to cook dinner (I know, what a horrible kitchen manager I am.) The friendlier cat Lester let Stephen and Zoey pet him. When we’re outside in the late afternoon he’ll come out and follow us around. We’ll see if Solo ever comes around. And one of these days I’ll remember to photograph them.

Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

2 thoughts on “Mornings on the Ranch

  1. you made me think of my Mom on our farm in East Chatham. How she did it I’ll never know. 3 children and Franny due any day I can hardly wait to come up and visit. It is so pretty. Love to all.

  2. Yes, I’ve often wondered how Nana managed with four kids! You are always welcome–just let us know when you want to come. 🙂

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