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The Kids’ Bedroom

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We’ve been living here at the ranch for about two months now. I suddenly realized I haven’t shared any photos of the interior except for the kitchen, so today the easiest room to clean up for a photo was the kids’ bedroom-surprise, surprise. The kitchen seems to be where all the toys are these days, including the ever popular, large cardboard box that Zoey and Zane like to crawl in and out of. As of now, Zoey’s mattress is on the floor until bunk beds are made and Zane is out of his crib, which may not happen until after the main house is built and we’ve moved yet again. Zoey has a nice view of the barn through her window. We will be putting up drapes over the windows hopefully before summer arrives.

We were very excited to hang the Marimekko curtain over the closet. It already has become a popular hiding place for Zoey.


In cat news, you may remember that we bought two black cats, Lester (the friendlier one) and Solo (hence the name), from the Humane Society a few weeks before Christmas to be our barn cats. We kept them shut in a room in the barn so they would know that was their new home where the food was. Upon returning from our Christmas trip, we opened the door so they could leave the barn and wander the ranch as they wished. Although Stephen would see them under his backhoe in the barn, we never would see them around the ranch until tonight. It was about 5:30pm and we were looking out our bedroom window and saw both of them crossing the road to the apple orchard. I think this may have been their first adventure outside the barn.

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I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

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