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A New Home


We’re finally here at our ranch. We moved in on Sunday. My parents came up to help watch the kids and pack up boxes. They were a tremendous help. If only moving were a one way deal–but unfortunately now we have the task of unpacking a ton of boxes and trying to find a home for all of our stuff. Here’s a photo of our kitchen that isn’t completely finished–Stephen still plans to add some shelves, another counter top to the right of the stove, and a bench seat where our kitchen table is.


DSC_0046We still need to figure out what fabric and hardware we want for our drapes in the bedrooms, and we need to mop the floors once the boxes are unpacked. I was super excited to start composting. I’m eager to prep our soil for our garden, but even that too must wait for now as we try to get our house in order. The projects feel endless at the moment. But we have time. That’s what I tell myself as I try to get out of the house daily to go for a walk to our lake. I’m grateful the kitchen is more or less organized so that I’ve been able to cook and we’ll be able to celebrate our first Thanksgiving here. More photos of the house to come as we get our boxes cleared away.

Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

3 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. How cool is that new kitchen. Just put away what does fit in your Barn. xxxooo to all Auntie

  2. Looking good!!

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