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A Name for Our Houses



Yesterday when I wrote and asked for suggestions for a name to call our guest house–I forgot Stephen already came up with a name. So here it is–“Buckeye Bunkhouse.” And for the main house once it is built–“Jacaranda Lodge.” Good use of our kids’ middle names, don’t you think? I think we still need a good name for our ranch though. Sometimes as we walk our property I start thinking about naming certain trees so when the kids get older they can say “We’re going over to our fort, ma” and I’ll know exactly where they are headed. Did you ever read any books by Lucy Maud Montgomery? She’s the author of Anne of Green Gables, but my favorite books of hers were the Emily series and Pat of Silver Bush. She always had her characters naming parts of the landscape where they lived.

Today is Day 27 of the Write 31 Days series. Other posts in the series can be found here.

Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

3 thoughts on “A Name for Our Houses

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  2. How cool your guest house looks from the outside. It was hard to see from yesterdays post what the inside will look like never mind it being ready to move in by the15th. I love the names and I love your barn. Leigh

  3. I’ll take photos of the interior once we’re moved in so you can see it better.

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