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This Morning



What if I were to tell you I had one of those mornings I contemplated running out the door and never looking back? My husband usually drives our daughter Zoey to preschool, and there’s a reason for that. What if I were to tell you I was feeding my 7 month old son Zane pureed apples and blueberries, while cooking bacon and zucchini on the stove, and trying to kill a pesky fly in the process? What if I were to tell you Zoey asked for kombucha in her bunny cup, which I poured for her and then she spilled it onto the floor and got her doll “Annabelle” all wet? What if I were to tell you five minutes before we needed to head out the door Zane pooped through his diaper and got his pajamas soiled? What if I were to tell you while changing Zane’s poopy diaper and getting him clean clothes, I took Zoey’s dress off because she never wears real pajamas to bed anymore–just a dress will do for her, and got her dressed in her pink pants, butterfly shirt, and snowman socks? What if I were to tell you that as I walked out to the living room to get Zane in his car seat to walk out the door, Zoey announced she didn’t need socks after all because she was going to wear her flip flops? What if I were to tell you I put those snowman socks back on her, while tears streamed down her face as she told me she wanted her “Tessa” shoes?f What if I were to tell you I took Zane out to the car, found Zoey’s Tessa shoes, brought them back in while Zane cried in the car? What if I were to tell you Zoey cried through her tears that she wanted her Hello Kitty socks but I wouldn’t let her change her socks because we were already ten minutes late getting out the door? What if I were to tell you as I drove her to school, I put on her favorite Music Together CD and she quietly started singing “Walking down my street feeling good in my feet, boom lacka lacka lacka boom, boom, boom”?

Today is Day 15 in the Write 31 Days series. You can find my other posts in the series here.



Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

4 thoughts on “This Morning

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  2. You are one hell of a momma!

  3. Funny!!!!!!!

  4. last night we went to dinner and i was wondering if boarding schools take preschoolers : )
    a challenging age… eventually it will pass.

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