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A Tale of Two Moms


IMG_0205This is the story of how Zoey has two moms.  I should specify that she has a “mommy” (that’s me) and a “mom.”  Before I get to that . . .I was thinking last night how I need to update Zoey’s baby book and I need to start Zane’s.  He’s 3 months old and I still haven’t started his baby book!  I keep telling myself when family visits that I’ll set aside time to write in there, but I never do.  I was thinking back to how my mom wrote funny little things I said when I was two in my baby book.  Those are the stories that get retold time and time again.  Even Stephen knows them by now.  I was wondering what stories we’ll remember about Zoey that we’ll still be telling her when she is an adult.  And that’s when I smiled and thought–of course I have to write down how Zoey has two moms.

The first time I remember Zoey mentioning her “mom” was soon after Zane was born.  I asked her who her “mom” was and she said Grandma.  When I asked her who I was, she said “Jessica.”  Initially I admit I felt a little hurt that she was no longer calling me mom or mommy, but the social worker in me started to analyze what she was saying.  Grandma was doing many of things I used to do with Zoey such as playing with her and bathing her when Zane was first born.  Some kids have imaginary friends and Zoey created a mom she wished I could be.  Since then, I have become “mommy” again, but her mom is still sticking around.  Every day Stephen and I hear bits and pieces about her mom.  Yesterday I learned that her mom lives in a pink house, is a teacher, likes to paint her nails pink, and likes sauce.  Sometimes we’ll be doing an activity or eating a certain food and she’ll say, “You know who likes___? My mom.”  That’s how we learned her mom likes sauce (aka salsa).  One time we went for a walk because Zoey wanted to go to her mom’s house.  We walked around the neighborhood looking for her house, but sadly never found it.  I’ve come to accept Zoey has two moms.  I’m not sure how long she’ll keep her mom around.  She almost has me believing that one day I’ll meet her.

Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Moms

  1. that story is a keeper! Flea

  2. Stephen’s mom reminded me today that he had an imaginary friend Wee Wee Wa when he was a kid–Zoey must have inherited that gene from him.

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