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The moment has arrived where I have no idea what to post for this week.  Shall I talk about the weather? How we desperately need some rain? There’s supposed to be rain in the forecast this week after many weeks of warm 70 degree weather here.  I was hopeful it would be colder up here in Northern California a month ago when it snowed.  Here are some photos of the ranch with snow.


And here was Zoey at our rental house enjoying the snow in our front yard.


I’m taking an online class from Heather Bruggeman at Beauty That Moves called Hibernate.  I think I signed up for the class when we were enduring colder, freezing temperatures that lasted for a greater part of the day.  It made sense then, but now it seems ridiculous to be taking a class called Hibernate when just a few days ago it was warm enough to wear shorts outside. And yet, hibernate is exactly what it feels like I’ve been doing.  I’m getting closer to that nesting period in my pregnancy where all I want is a clean house and to organize the mess that has accumulated.  But at the same time, despite my desire to have a clean house, I’m lacking in energy to do much of anything these days.  All I want to do is eat and sleep. Although the days Zoey is here and not in daycare, she makes sure I am busy at work helping to put her dolls to sleep, or “deeting” her toy groceries.  In case you’re wondering if I made up that word “deeting”–it’s Zoey’s word for the sound at the grocery store when the checkout person “deets” your groceries.  Listen next time you’re at the grocery store and you’ll know what I mean.

I should be getting things in order for baby’s arrival.  Stephen is making a dresser or bureau, or as Stephen might say “chest of drawers” for our baby boy.  (Have you taken this quiz from the NY Times about what words you use predicts where you are from? It wasn’t very accurate for me or Stephen. The quiz thought this Southern California girl was from Modesto, Fresno, or Salt Lake City and my Texan husband was from Baltimore or D.C.) I have a large plastic bin full of baby clothes to wash. A friend with two boys gave me them before Zoey was born, and I didn’t realize how many boy outfits I have. I have yet to tour the hospital where I’ll give birth.  I called the hospital two weeks ago waiting for a call back from the nurse who schedules group tours called “Tea for Two.” I called again today and was told the same nurse will call me back to schedule the tour which most likely will be February 19th.  That will be week 37 of my pregnancy.  I asked about other options, like the one day childbirth class that offers a hospital tour–the next one is March 9th, two days before my due date. I could show up at the hospital for an individual tour by a clerk, but was told they couldn’t answer any of my questions.  So there might be a good chance I’ll see where I’m birthing for the first time when I go into labor. Or, I told Stephen, maybe I’ll just hop on over to the hospital in the early stages of labor and check it out and then return home.  It’s thankfully only about a 5-10 minute drive from our house.  We’ve hired a doula again with the plan of having a natural, unmedicated birth.  That was our plan with Zoey, but I ended up being induced after 41 weeks and 3-4 days of pregnancy.  I am hoping this little guy is ready to come out a bit sooner than that.

Stephen reminded me that we haven’t seen any snakes, mice, or bugs out at the ranch during these winter months.  My eye is still trained to look for them when walking through the tall grass.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?  The only animals we’ve seen recently are the wild pigs.  Here’s a distant photo Stephen took just outside our neighbor’s main gate.


More on the pigs in another post.  In house building news, we submitted the guest house plans to the county last Friday.  And now we wait some more.

Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

2 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. I took the test…I’m pretty much a So.Cal woman. It kinda looks like back east up where you are living. I had my Kids naturally. I wanted to back out w/Shawn but Jeff was a breeze. What is a doula?


    • Yeah, there’s a bit of an east coast feel here in that we get to experience more of the seasons compared to Southern California. A doula is a labor support person. She’ll stay with me throughout my labor and delivery to help me with breathing, relaxation techniques, encouragement–that sort of thing. We had a doula with Zoey’s birth and she was incredibly helpful in keeping me calm and focused. I can only hope this labor and delivery will be a breeze!

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