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Laying the Foundation

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In the beginning, God made art.  His art marks the foundation of everything we know.  The kind of art God makes is not an afterthought or a weekend hobby he does on the side.

God’s art is the starting point for the story of the world.

– from A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

Everywhere I look around there are trees.  Pines, madrones, douglas firs, oaks, trees of which I do not know the name.  I’ve always been a lover of trees.  I admire their height, their strength and stability (most of the time, though some do fall down), and their sense of purpose.  Doesn’t it seem like trees just know what they are doing?  They root down into the earth and take hold.

 Ever since four years ago when I stopped working as a social worker, I felt a bit directionless and wondered what my own purpose was.  I wasn’t feeling eager to return to social work in the years ahead and although being a mother and wife has brought me much joy, I’ve been yearning for something more. It’s been a slow process of much prayer and opening my eyes to see God nudging here and there by which I have arrived at this place.  When I stand here at the ranch surrounded by all these trees, I finally feel my sense of purpose and feel fully alive.


Above is a photograph of where our guest house will be with a view of Stephen’s workshop in the background.  We plan to build the two bedroom, 1000 sq. feet guest house first before we begin the main house.  Our hope is to move in and live there while the main house is being built. The photograph below is a view from the opposite side looking down towards the barn.

 We have yet to lay the concrete foundation.  A few things need to happen before then such as getting our septic tank inspected, submitting the guest house plans, and finally getting the building permit.   A foundation is not a living organism.  It’s not alive like the trees all around it.  And yet, it marks the beginning upon which the growth of our house will spring forth.  This is the beginning of our story on the ranch.  It begins with a slab of concrete placed in the ground.  A firm foundation upon which to build.

Author: Jessica Adriance Cowan

I'm a wife, mama of a daughter and son, a lover of writing, and budding herbalist.

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